Posted 1 week ago

Red Lily Beetles Plague My Toronto Tiger Lilies

Red Lily Beetles are yet again on my Tiger Lilies in my Toronto garden . I have had this problem for the past several years, starting each spring and into the summer months.

Posted 1 week ago

Gray Treefrogs At Lower Reesor Pond In Toronto

Sighted this group of Gray treefrogs at lower Ressor Pond here in Toronto, Ontario.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Coneflowers Growing At Reesor Pond In Toronto

Coneflowers Growing At Reesor Pond In Toronto

coneflowers at lower reesor pond -  toronto 7

Coneflowers Growing At Reesor Pond

Bob and I paid a visit recently to the Reesor Wetlands in north Toronto and had purposely allotted a large chunk of time in order that we might pay some well deserved attention to that special habitat.  Through reports provided by other visitors, we learned that some less common wildflowers and plants have gained foothold in the area surrounding the pond, and…

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Green Metallic Bees In My Toronto Flower Garden

Green Metallic Bees In My Toronto Flower Garden

green metallic bee collects pollen - toronto - ontario 8

A Green Metallic Bee Drinks Nectar In My Toronto Backyard

One gloriously sunny morning this past week, I was taking my time in the garden with teacup in hand.  That was soon replaced by my camera when I spotted some interesting insects on the False Sunflowers (Heliopsis helianthoides “Ballerina”).  One such bug that I had never noticed before was this Virescent Green Metallic Bee (Agapostemon…

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Posted 1 month ago

Cow Moose and Calf in Algonquin Provincial Park

A moose cow and her calf take time out for a morning drink in Algonquin Park.

Posted 1 month ago

Trumpeter Swans with new Cygnets at Milliken Park in Scarborough, Ontario. On July 14, 2014

How exciting to find that the Trumpeter Swans at Milliken Park, in Scarborough, Ontario, now have two recently-hatched cygnets. A first for these adult swans.

Posted 1 month ago

Bank Swallows Building Nests In The Scarborough Bluffs

We recently sighted these Bank Swallows building their nests just below the rim of the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto, Ontario.

Posted 1 month ago

Tennessee Warbler In My Toronto Backyard

Sighted this Tennessee Warbler in our Toronto backyard this past spring.

Posted 2 months ago

Video of Cliff Swallows building and working on their nests at the Harris Water Treatment Plant on the shores of Lake Ontario, in Toronto, Ontario. If interested photo essay at

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